CCF Retreats

Each semester, students have the opportunity to attend several CCF retreats. Retreats are a great opportunity to get away from busy Georgia Tech campus life, spend quality time with friends, invest in new and old relationships, and have a lot of fun! Read below for more information on retreats. Sign up with an intern at any CCF event, and check out our packing list before you go!

Upcoming Retreats

Spring Retreat

Come hang out with friends at our last retreat of the year! The retreat will be at North Georgia Christian Camp. Play field games and enjoy fun with friends before finals week and summer set in! View photos from last year's Spring Retreat here.

April 6 - 8, 2018
Clarksville, GA

Past Retreats

Fall Retreat

Hurricanes may have changed our plans, but we still had fun! View photos from this year's Fall Retreat here.

PCB Retreat

View photos from our awesome retreat in Panama City Beach Florida here.


Another TRFKATCR, another win for the Girls in Flamingo Football. But no matter who won or lost, it sure was a fun time! Check out the over 2000 photos of the weekend here.