About CCF

Welcome to CCF!

Thanks for visiting our website! Read below to learn more about CCF, and be sure to check out the rest of the site to find out more. Check out the Events section to find out about weekly events that happen here, off-campus retreats offered to students, and small groups offered through CCF. Our Freshmen page offers information about activities and events for incoming and current freshmen, and on the Service Opps page you'll learn all about our compassion ministry. Visit the Interns and Staff to learn more about the people behind our ministry. Alumni, churches, parents, and friends can check out our Give to CCF page to stay connected and learn about donating. Visit our Resources page for more general information and tools. We hope you enjoy checking out our website!

Who are we?

CCF is a community of Georgia Tech students living life, serving, and growing together in Christian faith. There are tons of activities and ways to get involved, so take a look and jump into one of the many opportunities! CCF is a Christian organization at Georgia Tech founded in 1987 by our campus minister, Rick Harper, and his wife Beth. Our focus is sharing the love of God with students at Georgia Tech and the wider Atlanta community.

What do we believe?

Established by the Independent Christian Church, a branch of the Restoration Movement, GTCCF similarly derives its doctrinal foundation from the New Testament of the Bible, which centers around the affirmation that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

Therefore, regarding doctrinal principles and organizational behavior, GTCCF maintains a theologically conservative position in terms of its teaching and practice of ministry.

Since Georgia Tech is a large and extremely diverse institution of higher education, GTCCF staff and students encounter a variety of people who are from across the globe and hold a wide variety of beliefs and worldviews. Therefore, as followers of Jesus, the ministers of GTCCF attempt to treat all people as Jesus did with respect, compassion, and unconditional love. We look forward to getting to know you.

For further information please contact a full-time staff member of GTCCF.

Where are we?

The CCF house is located on Georgia Tech's campus in the heart of Atlanta, at 767 Techwood Drive, Atlanta, GA 30313.

How to contact us?

Feel free to email our general email address, hello@gtccf.org, or contact an individual staff member listed on our staff page. We can also be reached at (404) 872-3856.

How to donate?

Find more donation information at our Give to CCF page.