Welcome, Freshmen!

Who we are

By now you’ve probably realized that there are a million things to know about this campus and its people... and all of that can feel a little overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there are a ton of people who are already rooting for you! We at CCF (Christian Campus Fellowship) are some of those people.
We are a diverse campus ministry, full of people from different backgrounds and beliefs, whose goal is to live like Jesus and show others that they are loved. Our community aims to treat all people with dignity and respect, and we hope that our hospitality says enough about who we are more than any words could. CCF is a home away from home for many students, and we’d love to be yours, too.
Every week we’ll have tons of opportunities to get involved, so stop by whenever to get better connected with our community!

What we do

free food… service trips… intramurals… freshmen-only events… bible studies… open mic nights… weekend retreats… leadership opportunities… trivia lunch... free coffee & desserts… music… art... off-campus adventures… compassion… fun!… weekly service opportunities… celebrate diversity... community… small groups... and more!

How to keep up with us

Instagram: @gatechCCF
Facebook: lauren@gtccf.org

Meet the fresh-terns!

CCF is run by a staff of Georgia Tech alumni, as well as a team of interns who dedicate their year to serving God through the CCF community. We have five interns who work exclusively with the freshmen in our ministry, so read below to learn more about the fresh-terns!

Amber Athon
| Freshmen Intern | amber.athon@gtccf.org

Hometown: McDonough, Georgia
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Fun Fact: I can fall asleep almost anywhere! Also, I can touch every part of my back.
I want to be an intern at CCF because I want students to know that they are loved by God so much that it is beyond comprehension, regardless of where they come from. I want others to be able experience the community that I have experienced; a community that is truly attempting to reflect Jesus to others.

Brett McClain
| Freshmen Intern | brett.mcclain@gtccf.org

Hometown: Jasper, Georgia
Major: Nuclear and Radiological Engineering
Fun Fact: I didn't use to believe that having a beard made you wiser, but I am wiser now.
CCF saved my life. Before CCF, I had no clue who God was and I had no interest in finding out. The incredible people at CCF showed me so much love and showed me who Jesus is. I now have a relationship with Jesus, and I want to show everyone I can how incredible it is to know God.

Helen Marrin
| Freshmen Intern | helen.marrin@gtccf.org

Hometown: Sandy Springs, GA
Major: Architecture
Fun Fact: I am a serial sneezer. I never sneeze just once---they come rapid fire in multiples.
Why am I interning at CCF? I am interning at CCF because I want to be apart of sharing God's love and kindness through the incredible community that is CCF.

John Carlisle
| Freshmen Intern | john.carlisle@gtccf.org

Hometown: Norcross, Georgia
Major: Architecture
Fun Fact: I like virgin Piña Coladas and enjoy honing my sweet rollerblading skills around campus.
CCF became a family of friends for me. So many of the interns, and the staff, have been mentors in my life who understand what it is like to be a student under a lot of pressure and also how important it is to have fun. I want to give the same opportunities back to other students and welcome them into a place where they too can find family, fun, and life long friendships, all to make their time and theirselves better here at Georgia Tech.

Paloma Casteleiro Costa
| Freshmen Intern | paloma.cc@gtccf.org

Hometown: La Coruña, Spain
Major: Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering
Fun Fact: The only item in my bucket list is to skydive in every continent - 2 down, 5 to go!
CCF is the place where I learned that living God's love on Earth is possible, where I found true friendship, absolute inclusiveness and a safe space to be myself (with the good, the bad and the weird). I want to be an intern at CCF to help other people find the LOVE I found here.