Welcome, Freshmen!

Who we are

By now you’ve probably realized that there are a million things to know about this campus and its people... and all of that can feel a little overwhelming at times. Thankfully, there are a ton of people who are already rooting for you! We at CCF (Christian Campus Fellowship) are some of those people.
We are a diverse campus ministry, full of people from different backgrounds and beliefs, whose goal is to live like Jesus and show others that they are loved. Our community aims to treat all people with dignity and respect, and we hope that our hospitality says enough about who we are more than any words could. CCF is a home away from home for many students, and we’d love to be yours, too.
Every week we’ll have tons of opportunities to get involved, so stop by whenever to get better connected with our community!

What we do

free food… service trips… intramurals… freshmen-only events… bible studies… open mic nights… weekend retreats… leadership opportunities… trivia lunch... free coffee & desserts… music… art... off-campus adventures… compassion… fun!… weekly service opportunities… celebrate diversity... community… small groups... and more!

How to keep up with us

Instagram: @gatechCCF
Facebook: Gatech CCF
Email: lauren@gtccf.org

Meet the fresh-terns!

CCF is run by a staff of Georgia Tech alumni, as well as a team of interns who dedicate their year to serving God through the CCF community. We have four interns who work exclusively with the freshmen in our ministry, so read below to learn more about the fresh-terns!

Kaleigh Watters
| Freshmen Intern | kaleigh.watters@gtccf.org

Hometown: Jasper, Georgia
Major: Business Administration
Fun Fact: I’m not convinced I know how to read, I’ve just memorized a lot of words.
The community of CCF has long been striving toward acceptance and belonging, personal and spiritual growth, and learning to live like Jesus. I'm excited to play a part in what that looks like next year and invite others along!

Melinda Smith
| Freshmen Intern | melinda.smith@gtccf.org

Hometown: Newnan, Georgia
Major: Business Administration
Fun Fact: I played the oboe in high school.
I'm interning because I feel called by God to give back to a community that loved and supported me.

Shoeman Williams
| Freshmen Intern | shoeman.williams@gtccf.org

Hometown: Sandy Springs, Georgia
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Fun Fact: Technically due to a former job, I am a mailman.
I've wanted to be an intern since I was a freshman! I was undoubtedly changed by the love of God shown to me by interns and students past. I want to pass that along to the students that follow me.

Zach Durrence
| Freshmen Intern | zach.durrence@gtccf.org

Hometown: Sylvania, Georgia
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Fun Fact: I'm Batman.
Your whole life changes when you come to college: you're on your own and barely know anyone. I hope to be there for these students and show them the love and support that others and Jesus have shown to me.