CCF Small Groups

Students have the opportunity to join various CCF small groups. There are "life groups" offered for students to meet weekly with an intern and several other students, and there are other small groups dedicated to certain topics. Read below for more information. Times and dates vary by semester.If you see something you like, sign up for a small group here.

Life Groups

Life Groups are you and a small group of 2 or 3 of your soon to be close (BEST!) friends of the same gender, along with a leader, meeting together once a week to talk about life, interests, God, ups & downs, how they relate and why it matters. It's a time to relax, enjoy, be challenged, develop close friendships and open up with some fellow students who care. Sign up to join a CCF life group today!

Neal Baker

Financial Small Group

Monday at 3pm

Come and learn to actually manage money instead of randomly throwing it around, and then later wondering where it all went. Email Neal Baker to sign up for Financial Small Group or sign up here with interest.

Neal's College of Biblical Knowledge

Mon 1:30 or 6pm; Wed 12:45pm

Is there stuff you don't understand in the bible? Me too! That's why I developed this unaccredited college to give out imaginary degrees in biblical knowledge. Come join me as we learn more about all that stuff that we didn't understand. Email Neal Baker to sign up for Neal's College of Biblical Knowledge or sign up here with interest.

Christian Shaheen
Kaleigh Watters

La Charla


Come have a chat in Spanish with natives! We'll meet once a week (choose a day) to chat about life, faith, the world... but all of it in Spanish! | Ven a charlar en español con nativos! Nos reuniremos una vez a la semana (elige un día) para hablar sobre la vida, la fe, el mundo.... y todo esto en español! Email Christian Shaheen or Kaleigh Watters to sign up for La Charla, or fill out this form.

Cooking for Fun

Cooking for Fun

Monday at 4:30pm

Show off your skills, make a mess, and savor the rewards or share with our hungry neighbors. Email David English to sign up, or fill out this form.

Grace Chauta

Zumba with Grace

Wednesdays from 6-7pm

Excercise while dancing and have fun in a no judgement atmosphere. Email Brett McClain if interested, or fill out this form.

Joy Armstrong

Social Justice Book Club


Read and discuss justice and what Jesus says about it. Email Joy Armstrong if interested, or fill out this form.

Brooke Beatty

Brew Crew


Chat about life while sampling the best coffee shops around ATL. Who knows who serves the best coffee, but the best conversation is right here! Email Brooke Beatty if interested, or fill out this form.

Marc Smith

Relationships Small Group

Thursdays at 11 AM

Romance, monster ballads, dating advice, and Marc Smith (need I say more?). Come talk about what’s going wrong, what’s going right, and what isn't happening at all. Share all your hopes and dreams as we explore what God says about making out, making up, and making babies. Actually, it's not that intense. Attached or single welcome. Thursdays at 11:00 am at CCF. Email Marc to sign up for the Relationships Small Group, or you can sign up here.

Healthy Habits

Mondays and/or Thursdays at 2:50 PM

Wanna get healthy? Learn how to do it right: eat, sleep, exercise, and manage your time. Join The Instructor for a 10-week session this semester. Batteries included. Wear exercise clothing. Meet at CCF. Every Monday and/or Thursday at 2:50-4:15 pm at CCF. Email Marc at if you're interested, or fill out this form.

Rick Harper

What's on your mind?

Tuesdays at 3pm

Discuss life's questions with Rick and friends: marriage, politics, faith, and why does your nose run and your feet smell? Email Rick if interested, or fill out this form.

Adrienne Oguntebi

Spectrum Brainstorming


Discuss your thoughts on race, culture, and social justice. Relate scripture and literature to these topics as we hope to understand them more. Discussions may spark topics for the monthly Spectrum main event. Email Adrienne Oguntebi if interested, or fill out this form.