Meet the Staff

CCF has five full-time staff members who work closely with the ministry's nine interns. Staff and interns strive to have fun, trusting and meaningful relationships with students at Tech. They live, love and teach in a way that hopefully points them to a loving Jesus, while also having fun and going on crazy adventures with students at Tech. Read below to learn all about each staff member and intern. Email any of the staff if you’d like to grab lunch or just talk with someone. That’s why they’re here!

Rick Harper
| Campus Minister |

Rick and Beth Harper started GTCCF in May 1987. Rick received a degree in Business from the University of Georgia in 1983 and was also involved at the Christian Campus Fellowship at UGA. After graduating, Rick spent a year as an intern at CCF at Florida State. There he met Beth, who holds a degree in Nursing from FSU. Rick completed his Master’s degree at Emmanuel School of Religion in 1987 and they moved to Atlanta to begin CCF as well as their family. Rick and Beth are involved in leadership roles in the new church plant "The Gathering" located in Peachtree City. Rick’s job as Campus Minister includes teaching at Bible Study on Thursday nights, leading the Big Sap Leadership group, and meeting with and counseling students. As Campus Minister, he reports to the GTCCF Board of Directors.

Jeremy Lawler
| Associate Minister |

Jeremy Lawler is from Stone Mountain, GA and graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Civil Engineering. Afterwards, he worked as an intern at GTCCF and then moved overseas to help plant a Globalscope campus ministry in Spain. He has since completed his Master’s of Divinity degree at Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Johnson City, TN. Jeremy works with the upperclassmen students at CCF, and is in charge of our Tuesday night Cafe event.

Neal Baker
| Senior Associate Minister |

Neal Baker graduated from Georgia Tech with a Materials Engineering degree in 1996. He was an intern at GTCCF from 1996-97, after which he took the position of Senior Associate Minister. Simply put, Neal does all the stuff nobody else wants to do. He keeps CCF’s finances in order, manages the house, works with the sophomore ministry group, and occasionally fills in for Rick at Bible Study.

Stephanie Tillman
| Associate Minister |

Stephanie Tillman is from Valdosta, GA and graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Social Work in 2013. She was an intern with GT CCF from 2013-2014. Afterwards she moved to Santiago, Chile to work with the Globalscope campus ministry called El Oasis until July 2020. Stephanie is back now as full-time staff working with freshmen.

Elisabeth McDonnell

Elisabeth graduated from Tech in 2020 with a degree in Environmental Engineering. She was a student and senior leader at CCF during her 4 years at tech, and is now living and working in Sierra Leone as Intern and Project director in partnership with Water4, IAM ( and CCF. Each semester, Elisabeth manages 3-5 CCF students who live abroad working to develop engineering, business and faith skills while providing clean water to those in need.

Meet the Interns

Every year a group of recent graduates of Georgia Tech (and occasionally other schools) decide that they want to give back to the CCF community that has meant so much to them during their time in college. Interns work at CCF for one year, they live at the house and they are a huge part of making CCF run. This includes leading small groups, preparing food for events, heading up different ministry groups, investing in students, creating a fun & safe environment for students in the Tech community and many other important aspects of CCF. Each intern is assigned a certain ministry group for the year, which is broken up into Freshmen, Sophomores, and Upperclassmen. Check out the intern bios below to learn a little bit more about this year’s interns!

Baylee Friedman
| Upperclassmen Intern |

Hometown: Covington, Georgia
Major: Literature, Media, and Communication
Fun Fact: I grew up in the Southernmost place of the U.S.!

When I found CCF during my freshman year, it was like finding a home here at Georgia Tech—and at a time when I most needed it. This community has given me a place to grow, build life-long relationships with others, and experience the love of Jesus. I am excited to intern and to help foster a community that allows other students to feel loved, accepted, and supported through a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Chris Acuff
| Upperclassmen Intern |

Hometown: Lawrenceville, GA
Major: Business Administration
Fun Fact: I like to do absurd running challenges

CCF is the first community I have been a part of that really and truly emulates Jesus. I am honored and excited to be a leader and this community and continue to make it a home for so many others.

Matt Pellock
| Upperclassmen Intern |

Hometown: Cumming, Georgia
Major: Physics
Fun Fact: At the curious age of 3, I invented electricity by sticking a metal wire into an electric outlet. That was the same year I started communicating using words instead of nonverbal grunts.

I grew immensely in my faith and as a person thanks to CCF and the people I befriended there. Quite frankly, my life was changed! I was transformed by God and what I was able to learn from others. Being a student can be such a difficult thing and I want to use my blessings to help those who are in similar spots to where I found myself not too long ago. I want to give as much of the gospel as I can. The same good news that has been given to me. I want to help students experience the world-shattering powers of love and our God, 3-in-1.

Cascade Sculley
| Upperclassmen Intern |

Hometown: Norcross, GA
Major: Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Fun Fact: I own a school bus.

CCF is one of the first places I experienced true community, especially as an adult, and this place has loved me and challenged me through my years here. I believe every person should have the opportunity to find a community like that. I want to spend this year giving to and learning from people at CCF, at Tech and in Atlanta and getting Jesus involved in all these interactions.

Brooke Miller
| Sophomore Intern |

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Major: Mathematics
Fun Fact: On my first day in Hungary, I accidentally brushed my teeth with denture fixative instead of toothpaste.

CCF was where I learned that I could form deep relationships where I could still be loved even when I had nothing to offer. Through the Jesus-like love and faith of the people around me, I began to form a relationship with God that was my own instead of based on the expectations of others. I'm excited to encourage students to deepen their own relationships with God and others.

Kirby Kasischke
| Sophomore Intern |

Hometown: Cumming, GA
Major: Computer Science
Fun Fact: When I was little, I ate so much peanut butter toast that I got sick of it and wouldn't eat it for 3 years

CCF has always been a place where I felt genuine kindness from other people along with an atmosphere of fun. It has helped me meet wonderful friends, and it has challenged me and has been key in growing my faith in Jesus Christ. I am excited to be able to give back to this place and to be able to help this community continue to provide joy for students at Georgia Tech.

Ashton Hattori
| Sophomore Intern |

Hometown: Peachtree Corners, Georgia
Major: Electrical Engineering
Fun Fact: When you graduate from Georgia Tech with a degree in Electrical Engineering you receive a bag of sparks in the mail. I wait for it at the mailbox every day.

CCF has completely upended the way I view God, primarily through the people I have met at CCF--people who love and serve God not flawlessly, but with vigor and passion. This reframing of God has turned the course of my life for the better, and I want to pass that gift along to others, because it's too good not to share! I want to bring people in to experience this incredible community and help them see God in the world around them.

Andrew Sheffield
| Sophomore Intern |

Hometown: Fairburn, Georgia
Major: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I once got mistaken for Ed Sheeran at a London train station and accidentally took a picture with a fan.

The CCF community has been a huge part of my life in college. It gave me the space to be myself while growing in my relationships with God and others. I’m interning because I want to give back to the community and share the love and joy that I’ve found with students. I want them to be able to experience Jesus’s love with new eyes and feel seen and accepted for who they are.

Nicole Schuster
| Freshmen Intern |

Hometown: Smyrna, Georgia
Major: Business Administration
Fun Fact: I promise I'm fun! And sometimes funny too.

CCF has transformed my life. I know Jesus personally because of those that have come before me and I am so grateful for this place! I'm ecstatic for what God has in store for the community at CCF this year and know it will be nothing less than incredible. Thanks be to God for the opportunity to pour into others at a place that has invested so much in me!

Andrew Barnhardt
| Freshmen Intern |

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Fun Fact: I am probably the both the most and least “Eagle Scouty” Eagle Scout you will ever meet.

Ccf is a place that has opened my eyes to what it means to be in deep relationships with both God and others. To continue on that path, working to continue to develop a community based on sincere relationships between genuine people and centered on Christ, is why I want to be an intern!

Bethany Bell
| Freshmen Intern |

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Major: Business Administration
Fun Fact: I sang at Carnegie Hall and I used to have a poop emoji collection.

When I entered CCF as a freshman, I had never experienced such a community, and I was shy and rather lonely. I also had many questions about my faith and nowhere to ask them. CCF was God nudging me in a direction I could have never imagined. Through this community, I learned more about how to be my authentic self, how to give back through service, and how to love myself and others well and develop deep connections that I am confident will last a lifetime. I just want to be a part of providing that experience for students from all backgrounds and beliefs, and for them to feel welcome and loved.

Walker Powell
| Freshmen Intern |

Hometown: Johnson City, Tennessee (cue Wagon Wheel)
Major: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I got paid $15 to play banjo at a restaurant in Uruguay.

Tech made sure I got a great education, but it was CCF that taught me what true community can look like — a place to feel known and loved, to be challenged to expand my views of who Jesus is, to be encouraged to look beyond myself by serving the community, and to laugh until I cried more times than I can count. I’m so excited to spend another year loving God and loving people, and having a lot of ridiculous fun along the way!

Olivia Apergis
| Freshmen Intern |

Hometown: Bristol, Connecticut
Major: Civil Engineering
Fun Fact: I got to be part of the team building the new Campus Center last summer!

I see CCF as a safe place where we can ask questions about faith and life, a community that will love and accept us for who we are, and a place to make lasting memories with friends. As an intern I want to help other students to find their home here, and to pass on Jesus's love that has been shown to me so clearly through the leadership and the peers I've met here.

Mary Stephens
| Outreach Intern |

Hometown: Roswell, GA
Major: Biology
Fun Fact: Balance is key to a pleasant life. That's why my diet consists mostly of vegetables and ice cream.

CCF became my family early in my Georgia Tech career. I felt so loved by how CCFers remembered my name and stopped to talk to me when they saw me on campus. I felt safe and loved at CCF in a way that made me think I was experiencing a bit of heaven on earth. I'm interning at CCF because I want ALL people to know they are loved and deserve a place where they know they belong because that's what Jesus wants for them. CCF is that place for me, and I want to help it be that place for all who come through the doors.

Ethan Sisk
| Outreach Intern |

Hometown: Newnan, GA
Major: Computer Science
Fun Fact: I like to crochet

CCF has rooted me in my faith, given me so many friends, and been a home away from home ever since I came to Georgia Tech. I want to serve here so that students can know Christ's love and joy during their time at college.

Cara Mcclain
| Outreach Intern |

Hometown: Dunwoody, Georgia
Major: Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies
Fun Fact: I broke my arm in third grade racing a friend on the monkey bars and came back to school after going to the ER to get perfect attendance.

In my four years at Georgia Tech I definitely learned a lot, but CCF taught me some of the most important things. Some days you’ll wake up and be sure of your faith, but there will be others where you have a lot of doubt. We’re never done learning, growing and doubting and I’m grateful to spend another year at CCF—a place that supports students through all of that.