Weekly CCF Events

Each week, CCF offers several events for all students. Read below for more information on event days and times. You're always welcome to bring a friend along!

Trivia Lunch
| Mondays, 11:15am & 12:15pm

Trivia Lunch takes place each Monday at GTCCF from 11:15 AM – 12:05 AM & 12:15 PM – 1:05 PM throughout the fall and spring semesters. Our goal is to create a fun and personable environment where someone here for the 1st time to our most involved student can meet new people and enjoy FREE lunch together. Trivia questions cover a wide spectrum of topics including: history, sports, pop culture, science, math, etc.

| Tuesdays, 7pm Coffee/8pm Talk

Every Tuesday night, CCF turns into a "coffee shop" atmosphere where you can relax, have coffee and dessert, enjoy music/creativity from fellow students, meet and talk with friends, and listen to a talk that takes a story from the Bible and challenges us to connect faith with life. Come at 7pm for a relaxed coffee hour; Cafe begins at 8pm.

Thursday Nights
| Thursdays, 6:45 Free Dinner / 7:30 Talk

Come by CCF each Thursday night for free dinner, worship music, and a talk led by our very own campus minister, Rick Harper.

Each week, students can volunteer their time and talents through compassion events with CCF. Find out about weekly service opportunities in the Atlanta area, and how you can get involved. If you see something you like, fill out the compassion form and an intern will get back with you!

More Events

Check the GTCCF Calendar or the weekly CCF Grapevine email newsletter for updates on regularly scheduled events, as well as information on other events that may be going on throughout the semester! Subscribe to the newsletter here!