Weekly CCF Events

Each week, CCF offers several events for all students. Read below for more information on event days and times. You're always welcome to bring a friend along!

Trivia Lunch
| Mondays, 11:15am & 12:15pm

Trivia Lunch takes place each Monday at GTCCF from 11:15 AM – 12:05 AM & 12:15 PM – 1:05 PM throughout the fall and spring semesters. Our goal is to create a fun and personable environment where someone here for the 1st time to our most involved student can meet new people and enjoy FREE lunch together. Trivia questions cover a wide spectrum of topics including: history, sports, pop culture, science, math, etc.

The Event Thursday Night
| Thursdays, 7:00pm on Zoom, 8:30pm at CCF

Come join CCF on Zoom each Thursday night for a talk led by one of our very own campus ministers, Rick Harper and Jeremy Lawler, and then come by the CCF House for a socially distanced hangout with 10 or fewer people at 8:30 pm. Email Neal for the Zoom link.

More Stuff

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