Message from the Board

Message from the Board

Do you know why the GTCCF house is open every day of the week? Do you know why Georgia Tech students stream in and out of the campus house for Bible studies, lunches, meetings, ping pong matches, counseling, and general downtime? Do you know why they worship, study, eat, gather, and play here?

It's because people like you--alumni, parents, and friends--give to this ministry.

It feels like a cliché, but there is solid truth in the idea that every dollar matters. Yes, some give thousands of dollars a year, even tens of thousands. But many give $10 a month, faithfully, every single month, to be sure our doors stay open for students of all backgrounds and all stages of faith. As chairman of the board of directors, I regularly examine the income and expenses of this ministry, and I say again, every dollar matters.

Your giving keeps the house air conditioned and (reasonably) comfortable when hundreds of students pack in for Thursday night Bible Study. Your giving pays an intern's salary as she stays up past midnight, talking with a student experiencing a crisis of faith. It buys the comfortable, clean couches they're sitting on as they talk. You've helped provide paper for small group notes that will be written today and taken out and re-read years from now.

We are grateful for every dollar, and we watch every one, careful to be wise and frugal with our spending. Please contact Neal Baker today to begin giving financially to GTCCF. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact him or me.

Alan Kemper
Chairman, Board of Directors